Starring Joni Eareckson

After watching the movie Joni, I have to say that I am completely inspired! It’s a classic movie which tells the true story of 17 year old Joni Eareckson when she was injured in a diving accident. In this movie, Joni plays herself and tells the story of plunging to the depths of despair as a quadriplegic who learns about life and love while finding courage and faith in a God that she fervently questions in the beginning of this tragedy. You will be completely amazed by all of the strength that Joni draws from our omnipotent Creator in her time of need. Joni is a movie that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Are you in a place of despair? Watch Joni. I, truly, believe that this flick will put some things in perspective for you!!!


I watched it on Pure Flix. You can too.

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God bless and happy watching!!