Nikki Jordan Life Coaching, now, offers Accountability Coaching.

You may wonder why you need an accountability coach. So, just think about this. Have you ever set a goal for yourself and failed to achieve it? Well, don’t feel bad. I’m sure that we all have at one time or another! Well, that doesn’t have to happen ever again!!

Nikki Jordan Life Coaching offers Accountability Coaching. With our Accountability Package, you will have 4- 50 minute long coaching sessions as well as one 15 minute check in call each week. During these times, we will review your current goal and the steps you are working on to achieve them and brainstorm ideas to help you to stick to the personalized plan that we create for you.

Imagine being able to check off all of those things on your list of desired accomplishments! Do you have a bucket list? Let us help you to work toward realizing those dreams!!

Why not call us today to get started? Our coaching is thorough and are plans are affordable. Isn’t it time to take care of you?

Much love,


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