What do you think?

Hi, Everyone,

I’ve really been toying with the idea of taking my teaching aspirations a step further. I would like to make videos of them and make them available here on my site and maybe even create a you tube channel. I would LOVE to know what you all think of this idea. Are you interested in actually SEEING me as I teach? You see. This site is for YOU and not for me. I’m here to help you through whatever you’re going through and to encourage you. I never want you to feel alone. My philosophy is that people are WAY more precious than time or any material thing. The other thing is that I truly want to live that. Now, am I as good at it as I’d like to or need to be? No. I’m surely not, but I DO long to be the kind of person who can be God’s vessel to love others into wholeness. Please, be sure to let me know if you’d be someone who would watch my broadcasts should I choose to go video with some things. I really want to know what will make this ministry more helpful and interesting to you! You can answer me on my Facebook page.  You can find me listed under Nikki Hodson. I also have a Facebook page that is listed under Nikki Jordan Life Coaching. I pray that you’ll go to both of them and let’s get this party started! We don’t need to wait. We need to do whatever is necessary to become all that God has created us to be. Do you need encouragement? Do you need someone to guide you on your path to reach your goals? Are you looking to improve your communications skills and/or your relationships, but don’t know how? Well, I’m qualified to help you to achieve a variety of things to help you to live the best life possible. I pray that you will contact me now!!!! I’m really not that far away!!! I love you all! Nikki Hodson Christian Life Coach and Life Skills Teacher at Nikki Jordan Life Coaching.  Remember that I am also a Bible Teacher. So, if you’re looking to grow closer to God through His Word, then I can help you to find what you’re looking for! Again, you can reach me on Facebook under Nikki Hodson or at 765-603-2608. May God truly bless you!!!


Have you taken the time to encourage someone today? It doesn’t have to be someone that you know is having a tough time because people often don’t let others know that. It doesn’t have to be someone you particularly like. As a matter of fact, your encouragement has MUCH more power for both you and the one you are encouraging if you don’t really like that person. This situation requires you to push past your comfort zone. Just try it. Encourage three people today and see how you feel. I know that this works because I practice it pretty much daily. PLEASE, write back and let me know your results!

So, let’s make a commitment to encourage at least 5 people each day. Ideally, these people would NOT necessarily be people that you know. The power comes when you encourage those who we don’t even know.


Just try it and see the power that you find!
God bless and happy encouraging!
All my love,

God bless, Nikkifeeling blessed.

Beware of Scammers

I am going to make this pretty brief because it’s late, but I have something on my mind tonight. I am seeing SO MANY people being taken advantage of by online scammers. I had a man who called himself Jason Pedersen try to scam me and, thanks be to God, I was able to realize what he was doing before he accomplished anything. I just want to forewarn you great people. Don’t ever just give your money, possessions, or anything valuable to anyone until you KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW that they are really who they say they are. I can’t stress that enough. There are many out there who are posing as soldiers and a myriad of other normally respectable personnel who are simply trying to drain you of your money, your self esteem, and your sense of pride. I love each and every one of you and pray for your safety. You should NEVER have to compensate someone for loving you. If you do, then they don’t really love you. If you’ve been through anything like this, then remember that I’m here to talk, listen, help you brainstorm for solutions, or whatever you may need. You are valuable to God and you don’t need to seek the approval of anyone else. If you’re pleasing God, then those who aren’t pleased with you here on Earth most likely don’t have pure intentions. Stay safe, my friends. I truly adore each and every one of you.

God bless you all,


Hello from Nikki

It’s a new month already and I am wanting to talk about an issue that is really up front in our country right now. I want us to discuss the economic situation in America and what we, as individuals, can do to help it. I don’t want any government bashing. It is what it is on that part. I just want to know what you guys think we can do now that the situation is a reality. I can’t wait to hear from you! Nikki