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The Hiding Place


Nikki gives this movie a rating of 5/5 stars!! If you like biographical movies, then you will love The Hiding Place!!!

The Hiding Place was a wonderful movie based on the life of Corrie Ten Boom and her family during the Nazi invasion of Holland. The Ten Boom family, being dedicated Christian people started taking in Jews who were living with the threat of death at the hands of the Nazi regime. Ultimately, the family is betrayed and they are separated and placed into concentration camps. This story is sad, but also hopeful. There’s much hope in knowing that a family would place their lives at stake to prevent the death of countless Jews.

I HIGHLY recommend this movie if you are history, biography, or auto-biography buff. It’s a story of hope and miracles!!!



Pure Flix

I am LOVING Pure Flix!! It is like Netflix, except it has wholesome entertainment and documentaries. It has LOTS of Christian content and I just feel like it’s a GREAT deal at $8.99/month.


Try it out. You won’t be sorry!  This world can ALWAYS use more wholesome entertainment.

Here’s the link!

Pure Flix

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