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Have you taken the time to encourage someone today? It doesn’t have to be someone that you know is having a tough time because people often don’t let others know that. It doesn’t have to be someone you particularly like. As a matter of fact, your encouragement has MUCH more power for both you and the one you are encouraging if you don’t really like that person. This situation requires you to push past your comfort zone. Just try it. Encourage three people today and see how you feel. I know that this works because I practice it pretty much daily. PLEASE, write back and let me know your results!

So, let’s make a commitment to encourage at least 5 people each day. Ideally, these people would NOT necessarily be people that you know. The power comes when you encourage those who we don’t even know.


Just try it and see the power that you find!
God bless and happy encouraging!
All my love,

God bless, Nikkifeeling blessed.