Don Merritt’s “Looking Up” My comments

Hello, my friends! I was just looking at some other blogs and came across a piece by fellow blogger, Don Merritt.  Incidentally, I would highly recommend that you go to his blog and check out what he’s sharing.

Don’s post on looking up is thought provoking. While this post is rather short in length, it gives us a tasty morsel to chew on. He alludes to the concept that if we never look up, then we miss the things that we encounter on our journey. There is SO MUCH to be appreciated in this life. We cannot afford to spend our time consumed with one tiny piece of the big picture!

If we spend our time looking down, we may not fall over the rock that’s right in front of us, but we may fall into the crater that happens to be 10 feet ahead of us! We would never know it was there if we didn’t pay attention to where we are GOING instead of just where we ARE.

Don’t get me wrong. We MUST be mindful of our lives and our circumstances at any given moment, however, if we aren’t aware of our, then how do we know that in 3 steps there is a thousand foot drop off? We don’t and that fact can set us up for tragedy.

Look at Jesus. Let Him and His love be you every goal. Keep your eyes on Him and you’ll end up exactly where you ought to be. He loves you! Take His hand and let Him lead you to all of the blessings that He has waiting for you!!

God bless and thank for joining me!
Sending you a prayer for blessings and peace!

In Jesus’ Name,

Nikki Hodson

Founder and Christian Life Coach

Nikki Jordan Ministries and Life Coaching

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