Coping With Fear and Anxiety

Source: Daily Devotional – Scripture – Teaching | Joyce Meyer Ministries

Here’s a thought that Joyce Meyer shared in her devotional today.  She addresses the issue of fear. Fear is something that EVERY person has struggled with at some point in life including me. Fear used to be a HUGE part of my life. So many people that I coach are so stricken with fear that they are simply paralyzed!!!  So, what’s a person to do?

Well, the best advice that I can give is that we must learn to trust God with the things that we fear. So, how can we do that? Well, here are some tips.

  • Memorize scriptures that comfort you. Here is a scripture that I love.
    • 1 John 4:18King James Version (KJV)18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.
      King James Version (KJV)Public Domain

      You can find many others at Bible Gateway. I love to use this resource in my Bible study.


  • Pray. Ask God to comfort you. I know that this in one that we, as Christians, should just automatically do, but you might be surprised at the number of people who don’t even remember to pray about it until last!
  • Distraction is a great way to stop feeling fearful. Read a book or watch a show or a movie that makes you laugh or something that is drastically different from the emotion of fear. It works! Give it a try!
  • Call prayer lines and ask people to pray with you.  This is a great one when you are struggling through a night of sadness, fear, or anxiety. These Believers are just a phone call away!
  • Try drawing, coloring, or doing a craft. I’m speaking as someone who has spent many sleepless nights. These are things that I, myself, do when fear or anxiety tries to get a hold of me. They work! Really, they do!
  • Take a hot bath. This will relax you. Try putting some fragrant bubble bath in the water with you. This will use your senses to relax you.

These are just a few of the techniques that I use and recommend. I pray that you will give them a try and see what a difference they can make in your life!

God bless,