Just some late night thoughts from Nikki

Hi there, everyone!! Tonight I just want to talk about a subject really quickly. This won’t be long, but I think it’s important. As Christians, or even just people, we tend to expect certain things from ourselves. When we don’t meet those expectations, then we can tend to be really hard on ourselves.

If you’ve done this, and most all of us have, You have surely learned that it can be quite destructive. While we are expecting great things, we tend to become very unforgiving when we don’t perform as we expected. In this way, our expectations can really hinder us. So, what can we do?

Well, I’ve learned in my life that sometimes I just have to redefine my definition of success. When you find that you aren’t able to reach all of your goals as they are, then maybe you have to make the goal more attainable.

Now, I’m not advocating being lazy or just copping out. It’s important to stay motivated and to always strive to be all that you can be, but it is, often, counter productive to keep trying to reach a goal that is simply unreachable. So, when you are evaluating your goal, you must make sure that it’s not too easy, yet is still attainable.

Measure your performance against yourself and not others. Remember that this life is not a competition. It’s about glorifying God in all that we do and fulfilling the purpose that He has created us with. So, ask Him what that purpose is!! Ask Him to guide you and help you to learn, trust, and obey. Take chances when it’s reasonable to do so and do what you can do. Rest assured that, if this is what God wants you to do, then He will take you the rest of the way.

God loves you and I’m convinced that He wants each one of His children to be stupid, dancing in the rain happy with our lives!!!! Ask for His wisdom and guidance. He’ll give it and never give you a hard time for asking!! How cool is that???

I’m going to close for now, but I really wanted to remind you all just how special you are to The Creator!!!! Jesus loves you and He longs for you to trust and obey Him. Let Him be your partner in this life AND the next!!!

Thanks so much for joining me and I will see you all again soon!!

Feel free to contact me at Nikki Jordan Life Coaching to get started on your program today. I would love to work with you!!!

Nikki Hodson
Owner/Senior Life Coach
Nikki Jordan Life Coaching, LLC

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