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Let’s Talk About Love

by Nikki Hodson – Founder and Christian Life Coach at Nikki Jordan Life Coaching

Hello, Everyone!

I pray that you are all well. It seems that God has been talking to me a lot about LOVE. Now, some of us think that this is a dirty word. It really isn’t. The concept of love is an unfortunate victim of the society that we live in today. People today are so accustomed to just walking away from things because they are “too hard”. What happened to the time when people just persevered because that’s what was right?

The society that we live in today is what I like to call a “fast food society”.   We are so accustomed to being able to go to the drive through and leave with a complete meal in less than five minutes. It’s sad to see that this impulsiveness has transferred itself to our personal lives. We are in SUCH a hurry that we make others feel like second rate citizens because of our lack of patience with them. You’ve either seen or been the person who is yelling at the cashier because she is new and isn’t as speedy as her counterparts. Come on!!! Don’t try to say that you’ve never been there. I know I’ve been there!

The thing is that we never seem to think about what kind of LOVE that shows to the guy or girl behind the counter. We don’t know what that person is facing on that day. Maybe her dog died on the previous evening. Maybe his grandmother is clinging to life in the ICU. Maybe she has no place to lay her head at night and spent the night sleeping on a park bench or in an alley. Maybe her boyfriend beats her every day. We don’t know!

So, while we are on our righteous pedestals, our words sting and our glances pierce the heart of an already wounded human being. So, what’s the answer?  Well, we need to relearn, or simply learn for some of us, how to have compassion for others. We need to remember when we, ourselves, lost a loved one or had just started a job. We need to remain aware of the fact that we, ourselves, aren’t any more perfect than anyone else.

So, as you go about your day, try to put yourself in the shoes of the person that you are feeling impatient with. Isn’t that what Jesus did for us when He came to live AND die for each one of us?

I’d LOVE to hear how each of you have learned to be more patient in these situations. I’d also like to know if you feel that you need more support in this area. Remember that help IS available. If you need coaching in this area, I’d love to help. I KNOW that God has awesome things for your life!!!

God bless and let me hear from you! This will only be a community if I’m not left alone to talk!!!


Thanks, so much, and remember that I love each one of you!